3D Printed and Wood Waste

August 6, 2021
Latest company news about 3D Printed and Wood Waste

Every year 15 billion trees are cut down all over the world. then the trees are processed into boards, they will leave unusable fiber sawdust, only some of which will be recycled, and the rest will be sent to landfill or incineration, causing air pollution.

A company named Forust uses wood chips and fiber sawdust with adhesive mixed by 3D printing to make household products with complex vortex geometry.

The series includes four containers of different shapes, and Forust says they are interested in wood waste ,The recycling process is the first of its kind, and its strength and toughness can also be comparable with traditional wood.

Designer Béhar who works in Forust said: "this material provides an excellent opportunity for recycling design, which will reduce the cutting of trees and make full use of waste." Using 3D layered printing, different wood grains can be made with excellent strength and durability. Béhar predicts that the same method can be used to produce anything from furniture to the whole building element.