3D Printed Coral Bones to Help Repair Coral Reefs

August 6, 2021
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With the rise of ocean temperature and the intensification of acidification, many aquatic organisms that use calcification to build their homes are rapidly being damaged, and coral is one of them.

The American design studio (objects and ideograms) uses calcium carbonate for 3D printing to create sustainable underwater "houses" for the growth of coral reefs and marine organisms. The 3D printed coral carbon object takes the shape of natural coral skeleton as the model, with porous cylinder and rock surface. Like coral skeletons, these units promote the growth of coral reefs. The corners and cracks on their surface are home to coral insects and marine organisms.

The first prototype of the project was installed at the float lab base in San Francisco Bay in 2020. The prototype binds several cylindrical objects together with ropes to form a stacked form.The shape and size of the unit are developed by observing natural coral bones and combining digital computing technology. 3D printed objects do not directly copy the size and shape of natural coral bones, but are optimized to create more surface area for life as much as possible.