3D Printed Lamps from Bioplastics

August 6, 2021
Latest company news about 3D Printed Lamps from Bioplastics

Gantri recently designed a series of wall lamps and lamps made in 3D printing from corn materials.

These lamps are made of plastic like polylactic acid (PLA), a polyester derived from plants such as corn and sugarcane, which is an alternative to petroleum based plastics.

Ian Yang, founder of gantri, explained: "although the most important significance of 3D printing is to make designers more efficient, in addition, it can also make us produce products in a more environmentally friendly way by reducing waste.

Floor lamp, work table lamp, table lamp and wall lamp have similar circular design. The silver rod connects the curved lamp to the floor lamp base, and the rotatable lamp cap on the work lamp guides the light in any direction.

Each lamp has five colors to choose from. They are named after the colors found in nature: carbon, snow, Sedona red, forest green and stone.