3D printing in sculpture

August 9, 2021
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Revolution and innovation is always the spirit leading the world. With continuously development of technology, 3D printing gradually join in our daily life and be acknowledged by the general public.

Material aspect:

Traditional artwork manufacture:

Most material in traditional technique is wasted for the low usage in making a mould and the material wasted takes a big area of place and may pollute the place.

3D printing:So-called additive technique is to cherish and fully utilize every gram of the material.

Engraving is a kind of art that cannot be transcend in our Chinese culture. It is a racial culture, a soul that deep into our racial spirit. It is not deniable that traditional handicraft and manufacturing method bestow the soul for the sculpture, however manufacturing technique also has its feature of times. When the society processes,unavoidably an more advanced technique would take the place of traditional process technology.

However, the appearance of 3D printing seems to be born for sculptures.

Time requires:

Traditional manufacture: Traditional technique requires a lot labour and time endeavoring in.

Nowadays professional sculptors is well cherished and their time is precious and wealthy.

The cost of a sculpture is mainly determined by the sculptor.

On the other hand, traditional model prototyping spend a lot of time in waiting the mould to be shaped and solidified. This process dooms the long period of manufacturing and the low-efficiency of productions.

3D Printing: A few hours to make a 3D model and print it directly to save the labouforce and production period.

The Precision aspect:

Traditional manufacturing:To design an elaborate mold base needs to use sophisicated technique and material,and moreover the mold needs a second fix to achieve standard.

3D printing: High precision and can display detail clearly, you can show whatever detail you would like it to show.

In conclusion:3D printing has short production period and high error-tolerant rate ,less labour forces and time consumption .It is cost-competitive with high precision,greatly open an advanced orientation for sculpturing.


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