Frequently Asked Questions About Mannequin 3D Printing

March 19, 2019
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Q: What are the benefits of 3D printing a mannequin?


A: So many! 3D printing allows you to

  • we print the mannequin with PLA (Polylactic acid) , which is eco-friendly and recyclable .
  • Create complex structures and designs that wouldn’t be possible with traditional means of manufacturing.
  • Receive a 100% custom mannequin within three weeks or less.


Q: Do I need to have my own 3D model or scan already?


A: Our design team can work with you based on the resources you have available. A good quality 3D scan is a good place to start, but we can work with almost any visual reference you provide.



Q: If I already have a 3D scan of the model, how quickly can it be turned into a mannequin?


A: Even high quality 3D scans can require some cleanup and design modifications before they’re ready to print. Once we take a look at the scan, we communicate how much time it will take.



Q: How long will my mannequin take to print?


A: Print time depends on a lot of factors, so print time varies. For reference, we were able to print the mannequins shown above in five days, though assembly, fit testing, and shipping require additional time.



Q: So can you only make human mannequins?


A: No! Our system for producing mannequins would work just as well for models of animals, robots, mythical beasts, you name it!



Q: Is a 3D printed mannequin as strong as a traditional fiberglass mannequin?


A: we use PLA to print mannequin , which is very solid, after special treatment , the final product is comparable to a typical fiberglass mannequin.