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August 11, 2021
Latest company news about Printers for Large Format 3D Printing(3D Printed Bridges)

6 of the Worlds 10 3D Printed Bridges are from China, Some of Which Break the Guinness World Record

Introduction: A "bridge" is a large structure used to overcome obstacles. It is generally built on a river or on both sides of a strait, and can be passed by people, cars, trains or ships. 3800 years ago, humans began to build bridges. Now we can see all kinds of bridges all over the world. According to the materials used, they can be divided into: wooden bridges, stone bridges, iron bridges, steel bridges, and steel bars. Concrete bridges and so on. In addition, the technology of building bridges is constantly evolving. In recent years, bridges built with 3D printing technology have begun to appear one after another. In this article, we will summarize the global 3D printing bridges.

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△A variety of bridges



①Shanghai Wisdom Bay 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge

In January 2019, the 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge designed and developed by the team of Professor Xu Weiguo from the Tsinghua University (School of Architecture)-Zhongnan Land Digital Building Research Center and co-built with Shanghai Wisdom Bay Investment Management Co., Ltd. was completed in Shanghai Wisdom Bay Science and Technology Park .

The pedestrian bridge has a total length of 26.3 meters and a width of 3.6 meters. The bridge structure borrows from the ancient Chinese Zhaozhou Bridge structure. It adopts a single arch structure to bear the load, and the arch toe spacing is 14.4 meters. Before the bridge entered the actual printing construction, a 1:4 scaled-down solid material bridge failure test was carried out, and its strength can meet the load requirements of full pedestrians.

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The printing of the overall bridge project uses two robotic 3D printing systems, and it takes 450 hours to print all the concrete components; compared with a bridge of the same scale, its cost is only two-thirds of the cost of an ordinary bridge; the main body of the bridge is printed And the construction unused form work, unused steel bar, greatly saves the project cost. The pedestrian bridge body is composed of three parts: the arch structure, the bridge slab, and the bridge deck. The bridge structure is composed of 44 concrete 3D printing units of 0.9*0.9*1.6 meters, and the bridge slab is divided into 68 units for printing. A total of 64 bridge decks were also made by printing. The printing materials of these components are all composite materials composed of polyethylene fiber concrete with various additives. After many proportioning tests and printing experiments, it has controllable rheology to meet the printing requirements; the new concrete material is resistant to compression The strength reaches 65mpa, and the flexural strength reaches 15mpa.



②3D printing "Zhaozhou Bridge" of Hebei University of Technology

In October 2019, the prefabricated concrete 3D printed Zhaozhou Bridge was completed on the Beichen Campus of Hebei University of Technology and officially won the title of "Longest 3D Printed Bridge" in the Guinness World Records™ in 2020. This 3D printed bridge built by the team of Professor Ma Guowei of Hebei University of Technology, with a total length of 28.15 meters and a clear span of 17.94 meters, has attracted attention from the inside and outside the industry.

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Peach blossom elements are added to the bridge deck and railing, which means that the whole world is full of peaches and plums. At the same time, the railings are embedded with the words of 1903, 1912, 1929, 1952, 1995, 2019, etc., implying the development of the school in 116 years.


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③Space gray 3D printed reinforced concrete bridge

In July 2019, the space gray 3D printing team announced that it had completed a truly overall 3D printed concrete arch bridge. The bridge is 5.5 meters long, 2.1 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. The printing material is ordinary 425 cement, plus aggregate and steel, the total weight is about 10 tons, and the printing time is 32 hours and 59 minutes.

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The printing of the main body of the bridge has no difficulty in technical realization for the mature space ash team. At the beginning of the design, the printed bridge was defined as being able to pass people, vehicles, including heavy vehicles, etc. It was designed completely in accordance with the normal use of the bridge. Therefore, when printing, it is necessary to lay out a large number of steel bars, and the functions such as the pause function in the control program, continuous printing at breakpoints, and the ability to adjust the printing speed at any time are all fully utilized.



④ 3D printed concrete bridge by Zaha Hadid Architects

In 2020, a unique arched brick bridge appeared on the venue of this year's Venice International Architecture Biennale (Giardini della Marinaressa), which aroused the curiosity and attention of passers-by.

It is called "Striatus" and is a 16x12 meter pedestrian bridge. It is assembled from 3D printed precast concrete slabs.

Striatus is a project jointly developed by Zaha Hadid Architects' Algorithm Design Research Group (ZHACODE), ETHZ (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich), and incremental3D (in3D), and implemented by Holmic.

The Striatus design shows the perfect combination of traditional masonry structure and advanced technology, and also provides a construction idea that can reduce the budget by half: Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete floor manufacturing process, the use of Striatus design and manufacturing methods can save money 70% of the concrete consumption can even save 90% of the steel!

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⑤Dutch concrete 3D printed pedestrian bridge

In September 2019, the Dutch company Vertico and Ghent University developed a 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge. Through the concrete 3D printing process, the company reduced the materials used in bridge construction by 60%, but it can guarantee the same weight as the bridge built by traditional technology.

Vertico founder Volker Ruitinga said: "This bridge demonstrates the various possibilities offered by 3D concrete printing. By building this bridge, Vertico demonstrates the advantages of concrete 3D printing. We believe this technology is the key to solving structural material optimization.Not only can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but also increase the productivity of the construction industry."



⑥The 3D printed concrete bridge of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

This is a 3D printed bridge that has not yet been completed. In preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics, the French Paris Commune (Plaine Commune Grand Paris) plans to build a 40-meter-long 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge.

The units undertaking this project include civil engineering companies Freyssinet, Levigne and Cheron Architects, computing and artificial intelligence (AI) company Quadric, building materials expert LafrageHolcim, and large 3D printing company XtreeE.

The deck of the 40-meter pedestrian bridge will be constructed entirely of 3D printed concrete. The goal is to reduce the amount of concrete material in the bridge construction process by 60% compared to traditional structures.

The digital design of the structure, coupled with the ability of pedestrian bridge components to be produced under industrial conditions and quickly assembled on site, provides architects participating in the project with greater design freedom. To this end, the use of 3D printing will reduce the transportation of parts, thereby reducing costs, and without the use of templates.

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3D printing polymer material bridge



⑦Quanzhou Bridge

In June 2019, the manufacturing of a new 3D printed bridge was completed. The bridge was called the Quanzhou Continuous Belt 3D Printed Bridge, and the installation was completed on the Baiqi Lake Ecological Continuous Belt in Quanzhou, Fujian. The landscape bridge that can be used by ordinary people is built by Shanghai Cool Eagle Robot Technology Co., Ltd. using a large 3D printer.

The Quanzhou Bridge is 17.5 meters in length, 3.2 meters in height, 3.2 meters in width and 12 tons in weight. The entire bridge body is made of polymer materials using 3D printing technology. The total manufacturing cycle is five weeks, which is nearly half the time compared to the traditional concrete grouting manufacturing method. The strength is not inferior to that of reinforced concrete. It can withstand a pressure of 2 kilonewtons per square meter, which means that even if the bridge is full of people, there is no need to worry about the strength of the bridge.


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This is after the landscape bridge in Shanghai Taopu Central Greenland Park last year, Shanghai Cool Eagle Robot Technology Co., Ltd. recently completed another bridge that also uses 3D printing technology. The Taopu Central Greenland Landscape Bridge, which was completed in November 2018, weighs 6 tons and uses horizontal integrated printing. The Quanzhou Mountain Landscape Bridge, which was completed in June 2019, has doubled its weight to 12 tons and is divided into 16 by vertical printing. After the segment is printed, the assembly is completed. The materials used are all ASA+ glass fiber reinforced granular polymer materials.



⑧3D printed telescopic bridge

In July 2021, there is a 3D-printed telescopic bridge "Wan Nianyuan" in the "Starry Sky Elevated Park" which will be opened to the public. It connects the walkway along the river and the high-line corridor, which is the only way to cross the lake in the park. the road. The bridge is 9.34 meters long and weighs only 850 kg. It is divided into 9 stretchable segments. It only takes one minute to open and close.

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The design of this 3D printed telescopic bridge is inspired by a work by Qi Baishi. In addition to the artistry, it can carry heavier weight than itself, and it feels very strong to walk on.

The entire bridge body and the bridge deck are realized by 3D printing technology, and each panel of the bridge deck and the bridge body is also different. The bridge is made of environmentally friendly polyester carbonate, which can be recycled after years of wear and tear without polluting the environment.



⑨Tongji University modified plastic 3D printed pedestrian bridge

In August 2017, a pedestrian bridge with a dark appearance and printed with new modified plastic became a scene of Tongji University's campus. The bridge has attracted the attention of experts from other disciplines in the school. However, the continuous high temperature for many days made the bridge builder Yuan Feng had to move the world's first 3D printed pedestrian bridge, which was only 42 days old, back to the laboratory for material upgrades. .

Although this experiment was unsuccessful, it is an earlier case of using 3D printing to build bridges in China, which is very meaningful.



⑩3D printed stainless steel bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands

In July 2021, the 3D printed stainless steel bridge in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was finally put into use. More than three years have passed since Antarctic Bear first reported the 3D printed bridge.

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The bridge is 12 meters long and was 3D printed in a factory in MX3D outside Amsterdam. The initial plan of this project was to use mobile robots to print directly on the canal, but due to concerns about the environment and pedestrian interference, it was finally chosen to be printed in the factory and transported to the canal for installation.

The shape of this bridge is unique, and the appearance of flowing lines is completed by 3D printing technology, which perfectly combines automation technology with welding. It can carry 30 people walking on the bridge at the same time. The design of the bridge is organic, with many curves, and the surface of the bridge has not undergone surface post-treatment after construction, which means that the appearance of the 3D printed steel stacked layer by layer is clearly visible. Pavement panels for people to walk on are laid on the bridge.


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The above is the 10 global 3D printed bridges compiled by Antarctic Bear, of which 6 are cases in China, which shows the domestic enthusiasm for bridges.

The use of 3D printing technology to build bridges has many advantages, of course, there are also shortcomings. Antarctic Bear believes that with the continuous maturity of technology, 3D printing will become a more common method.